NFL Top Totals Plays for Week 9


Not being much of totals bettor in football because of time constraints, I would like thank the schedule-makers for assigning me to write about totals this season.

What this has allowed me to do is to dig into games during my regular working hours (not off hours that I use for handicapping) and come up with answers for you as readers here and to this point of the NFL season I am 15-6, 71.4 percent making NFL picks on totals. This has also helped me make more money and helped my business. If you consider all fronts, this is a Win-Win-Win. Thanks SBR and to those reading.

As I have said many times before, this is the NFL and things can get messy in a hurry like Papa John’s blaming the NFL for sinking sales. Every week does not work against the NFL odds, thus, you take your best shot and have at it.

Points Could Be Scarce in Rams vs. Giants Contest

When looking at the elements of this NFC contest, three of the four favor a lower score. It starts with depleted New York Giants offense, which has lost most of its starting wide receivers, leaving a 37-year old and declining Eli Manning to have to trust players that are not as skilled. In turn, the Giants offense is averaging 16 points a game. Defensively, both teams are pretty solid with Los Angeles permitting 19.7 PPG and New York at 22.3 PPG. The only outlier piece to the puzzle is the Rams scoring 30.7 PPG. Nevertheless, my numbers come up to 40 points for an outcome, which places me on the UNDER.




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