The NFL Lockout is Gone!!!!!


It’s time to get back to work for the NFL players and coaches, along with the front offices. Before they and we start, we better exhale a few times because once it’s go time; it will not end until the first Sunday in January for all 32 teams and fans of football. 

I cannot stress enough the importance of what will happen between now and the first game of the regular season to create insight for all sports bettors. Impact Sports Solutions members will be following the activities with a keen eye and I’ll share all the important information we can find.

Kevin Kolb is about to fly from the Eagles.

The first big aspect to know is free agency. Teams can start signing their own free agents and investigating unrestricted free agents. Among the many elements to consider is the new salary cap. Teams like Arizona, Cincinnati, Tampa Bay and Carolina are going to have to dole out cash just to get to the new 90 percent threshold of the salary cap.

Expect these teams to pay somewhat more for their own free agents because they have the cap space. All four of these franchises could charitably be described as “frugal”. That would suggest they would give their own players more money to save face in the locker room and might take a very close look at the most important individuals on the squad and maybe rework a few contracts to use up the money now.

Based on the nature of all four teams, I would not expect any of them to be a big player with unrestricted free agents. I am however 99.3 percent sure Kevin Kolb will be traded to Arizona, since he’s be spotted in Phoenix several times and it is common knowledge he’s worked out with Larry Fitzgerald.


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