NFL Football First Quarter Report Card: Vikings Crème of the Crop


    By Tony George has NFL football observations on the first 4 weeks of the NFL Season.

    Well the Minnesota Vikings left picked up where they left off in 2015, and that is beating teams and covering Las Vegas Point Spreads like madmen.  With a new stadium and surprisingly a new QB in Sam Bradford, and the Purple Reign defense shutting everyone down, it is no surprise that the Minnesota Vikings are my Top first quarter team this season, after 4 of the 16 games they have played, they have impressed and even amazed at times.

    Losing all world RB Adrian Petersen was thought to be a huge hit to this team, they have moved forward with the next man up mentality like none other.  It is no secret Mike Zimmer was a defensive guru when he took over the helm, but he has panned out to be a great NFL head coach and players buy into his old school mentality and approach.  This is tough minded, no nonsense, no flashy celebration type ball club, and they are physically pounding people and simply not making mistakes, as they just go about their business.

    Las Vegas Odds on the Vikings winning the NFC Championship are currently 19/4 to win the NFC Championship, and 17/2 to win the Super Bowl this season, and the only 2 teams with lower odds are the Patriots and Packers, and they already beat the Packers once this season.

    Speaking of the Las Vegas Angle, if all you did was bet $5000 a game in the last 21 games the Vikings have played, you would have amassed a tidy profit of $73,500 in winnings as they have went 18-3 Against the Spread (Las Vegas Line) including the butt whipping they put on the New York Giants on Monday Night Football, and in the process making one of the best WR’s in the game today look like a JUCO player.

    The Sam Bradford signing was a brilliant move.  No he did not fit into Chip Kelly’s system in Philly the past couple of years, and has been one of the those QB’s with potential but never really panned out and has been injury riddled.  Bear in mind Bradford in his rookie year at St. Louis was elected offensive player of the year in the NFL, and he is a former Heisman Trophy Winner as well out of the powerhouse Big 12 school Oklahoma.

    Have no doubts, this is a great defense, with a capable offense and also understated but not overlooked by this handicapper, some great special teams as well, and they have a loud and strong home field advantage now that they no longer play at the University of Minnesota’s field.

    Imagine this, in 3 marquee games out of the 4 they have played they have managed to go up against QB heavyweights Aaron Rodgers, Cam Newton and Eli Manning, the result for those studs was 5 interceptions and just 1 TD and in the process Sam Bradford has not yet thrown an interception.  When you say only great QB’s can win a world title, think of Jim McMahon and Trent Dilfer.  Neither one of them is going to Canton Ohio, but both Super Bowl winning QB’s had great defenses and had playmakers around them.  That is some food for thought gents.

    Beware of the Vikings, they do not take plays off, give you a physical game from wire to wire, have a shutdown defense and are well coached and an absolute Las Vegas point spread cover machine.  I predict they win the NFC Championship (barring they stay healthy) this season, despite all the Seattle talk, the Seahawk’s at days’ end with their offensive lines woes cannot stand up to the Vikings defense and win like they did last year folks.

    First 4 Game Report Card Notes:

    Worst Team:  Cleveland Browns

    Best NFC Team:  Minnesota Vikings

    Best AFC Team:  Denver Broncos

    Biggest disappointment:  Arizona Cardinals – followed closely by Carolina Panthers

    Biggest Surprise Team:  LA Rams

    Best Coaching Job:  Doug Petersen – Philadelphia Eagles

    Worst Coaching Job:  Gus Bradley – Jacksonville Jaguars – Mike McCoy – San Diego Chargers – TIE

    Best Story:  Carson Wentz – Rookie QB – Philadelphia Eagles

    Saddest Storyline:  Colin Kappernick – National Anthem (enough said)



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