NFL 6-Point Teasers For Your Betting Arsenal – Week 2 Picks


If you are returning to read this week’s NFL teaser article or are seeing for the first time here, we would like to go over important factors one more time that cannot be stressed enough if you want to beat the sportsbook.

Betting NFL teasers is just not about shaving or adding more points on a spread wager, it is about creating value going against key numbers. This is the real secret to beating the oddsmakers numbers.

The keys numbers we are talking about are 3, 6, 7, 10, 13 and 14. These are the most common outcomes in the NFL and if you can situate your wagers on the right side of these figures, you can dramatically enhance your chances of winning teasers.

When making teaser bets, it’s recommended to keep them at either two or four picks. Because the higher you go, the rewards might be greater, but the risks are also enhanced. Here the typical payouts at sportsbooks like Intertops.

2-teamer +100 (on $100 wager)

3-teamer +165 (on $100 wager)

4-teamer +265 (on $100 wager)

Last week we went 3-1 on teasers and had hit a three-teamer and couple two-teamers. We missed nailing a four-teamer by one point, but that fine, we will hit others this season, maybe even this week.

Atlanta Taken From -6 to a Pick over Carolina

The Falcons moved the ball on Philadelphia marvelously the first two drives but only came with three points on first and goal twice. Look for the Falcons to clean that up back home. Carolina’s offense moved the ball a little better than expected against Dallas, as their offensive line is missing two important starters. However, 16 points on the road against Atlanta is unlikely to get it done. With us coming off the six points for this teaser, crawling under the No. 3, we just need the Dirty Birds to win outright and are they are 19-5 at home versus the Panthers on the teaser line.



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