NFL 6-Point Teasers For Your Betting Arsenal – Week 15 Picks


We have to admit to major disappointment last week, not winning a single teaser as Houston was flat, Minnesota could not find the end zone and we were also victims of the Miami Miracle.

On the season we are still profitable on teasers, just less so, kind of like the stock market in November.

That has brought our overall record to 39-19 (27-11 L9W) and nobody realizes more than us we need three strong final weeks.

Here is a look at the four teasers we like for this upcoming week. If you are new to this article, skip down to below the games to learn a great way to make money betting NFL teasers.


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Houston Taken From -6 to Pick over New York Jets

Winning nine games in a row not only takes talent but weekly dedication to practice and film study for preparation. Sometimes, as any football coach and players will tell, some days you show up and you just don’t have it. That was Houston last week who lacked the fervor and lost to Indianapolis. The Texans could go one of two ways, either be angry and beat the crap out of the New York Jets or have a carryover and be pushed for 60 minutes. This teaser line gives us a cushion as long as Houston puts in enough effort to win the game. Teams that have enjoyed offensive success against Houston have been able to throw the pigskin, but Gang Green is 30th in passing.

Minnesota Taken from -6.5 to -0.5 over Miami

The way the Minnesota offense has performed the last two weeks, this could feel like Maalox moment, even with the Vikings just needing to defeat Miami. But no need to worry as Minnesota’s offense will do better at home, especially against a Dolphins defense that is permitting 29.5 PPG on the road. Plus, the last 42 times the Vikes played at home against an opponent allowing 24 or more PPG, they have won by an average of 10.7 PPG.



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