New Teams in the NFL Playoffs This Upcoming Season


Sure the NFL season is a long ways off, but that does not mean news about the football will be dormant, with the schedule release, the draft, and mini-camps. Here is our contribution.

You may not know this, but since 2002, when the NFL went to eight divisions, there has been nearly a 50 percent turnover of division champions from year to year. (That is much higher if you extract New England.) Along with that there is changing of the guard for playoff teams, where from year to year we have three to five new participants who only played a 16-game schedule the year before.

What teams should we be looking at to join the postseason party in January of 2019 after missing last year?

Check Out These Clubs in the AFC

Baltimore and the Los Angeles Chargers missed the playoffs last year because of tiebreakers to Buffalo and Tennessee, but that will not happen this upcoming campaign. A few factors stand out as to why these clubs will be in the postseason this year.

Of course, every NFL season is different, but it is impossible to ignore that last season both the Ravens and Chargers actually underachieved based on their point differential. Baltimore was 4th in the AFC at +92 and the Bolts were 5th at +83. Baltimore was in but gagged in their season finale and somehow lost to Cincinnati 31-27 at home no less. After blowing a perfect opportunity, look for the Ravens to be more focused on finishing games.



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