NCAA Tournament Numbers Back Underdogs and Low Scores


With just three games remaining in this NCAA tournament, we have a familiar theme which has emerged. Taking the points has been a wise choice as has backing UNDER’s across the board.

Here is how all the teams have performed against the college basketball odds thus far in March Madness when considering seeds and favorites.

Higher Seeds – 40-20 SU and 25-34-1 ATS

Favorites – 42-21 SU and 27-35-1 ATS

These figures are not that unusual and I am often asked why this happens this way leading to the craziness of March. It begins with quality teams coming out of quality conferences to start. That does not make all the clubs with double-digit losses top tier, rather, they have shown they are capable of putting together a good record and in any given game can beat a better opponent.

The rest of the invites had to earn their way in by winning their conference tournaments or having shown how good they were over the entire season by winning the regular season title. Finally, match a squad used to winning and understanding the difference in talent is diminished thanks to these players participating in high-end off-season basketball events, the playing field is leveled.

Desire and effort can overcome talent in any one game scenario. 

Favorites of 1 to 4.5 points – 14-12 SU and 9-17 ATS

Favorites of 5 to 9.5 points – 10-6 SU and 7-8-1 ATS

Favorites of 10 to 14.5 points – 12-2 SU and 7-7 ATS

Favorites of 15 or more points – 6-1 SU and 4-3 ATS

(One game was listed as Pick)




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