The NBA’s Toughest Starting Second Half Schedules


With second half ready to commence, five teams, in particular, will have tests from their opening game after the All-Star break. Here is what each of these clubs will be facing.

Brooklyn and Philadelphia Need Be Road Warriors

The Nets and 76ers will start the second half of the season primarily on the road. Philadelphia is largely equipped to handle it as it has the better team, now listed No.7 in the Eastern Conference playoff chase, with Brooklyn playing out the season again.

From a degree of difficulty, the Sixers have the talent to win, but playing eight road games out of 10 contests is never easy. They will start in Chicago on Feb. 22, return home to face Orlando, before heading to Washington, Miami, and Cleveland in five days. Another quick stop back in Philly to take on Charlotte, which is followed by a four-game trip to Milwaukee, a rematch with Charlotte, another meeting with the Heat, before wrapping it up at against the Nets. Philadelphia is 12-15 and 13-14 ATS on the road and should hold their own against the rugged stretch.

Brooklyn’s schedule is little odd to begin the second half. After the long All-Star break, the Nets play on Feb.22 at Charlotte and do not play again until the 26th, at the Bulls. But that is when the fun starts with a coast to coast road excursion to Cleveland, Sacramento, L.A. (Clippers), Golden State and at the Hornets again. The Nets are lousy 8-19 away, but nicely profitable 17-10 ATS.



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