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Had a great conversation with handicapping expert Robert Ferringo of Doc’s Sports (who is 3rd in units won in the latest Sports-Watch NBA rankings) the other day and we covered a lot of territory, including talking about betting the NBA. In this conversation I brought up an easier way to make money betting basketball is to ride along with the Miami Heat. Since LeBron, D-Wade and Chris Bosh have gotten together, I have found them to be among the streakiest teams to wager on I could remember.

Most of this was based on betting on or against the Heat when they were playing a certain way and I decided to dig into the factual facts and present them.

No team has been under greater scrutiny than Miami the last two-plus seasons when this triumvirate came together. With last night’s loss in Portland, the Heat is in one of those funks at 1-7 against the spread. But this only tells one side the defending NBA champion’s story.

Starting in the middle of November, the Miami were Play Against material at 2-6 ATS. This was immediately followed by a highly profitable stretch of 8-1 ATS, which has led to their current down period.

With last year’s delayed start of the season, beginning with their second contest of the year, the Heat were 1-4, followed by a 6-3 ATS mark, which gave way to a 0-5 spread run. When February arrived, the James Gang was a smoldering 9-2 ATS and this went right into a 1-7 ATS downturn.

All NBA teams have positive and negative streaks winning and losing games, with the same being true when opposed against oddsmakers. However, Miami’s are more extreme and they have fewer even betting periods (5-5 ATS for example) than most teams.

This is not a new revelation either; as this began to occur almost from day one the trio was formulated.

Their first month together in 2010, they were 2-12 ATS in November. This was immediately followed by a money-grabbing 10-2-1 ATS spurt from Dec. 1-25, but once January arrived, the Heat cooled off to 1-5-1 ATS. As has been the Heat’s custom, they immediately reeled off five straight spread winners thereafter. Beginning on Feb. 24 in 2011, Miami was strictly Play Against material yet again at 0-7 ATS and they finally closed the regular season on a 6-2 spread run out.

The only way to profit from mercurial Miami is to follow them closely and whatever direction they head, be on the side they are trending towards. 

11th Hour Sports has sprinted to the head of the NBA leader board in units won at the  Sports Watch monitor. In second place is Ross Benjamin who has been outstanding in all facets of betting basketball. In the fourth and fifth sports are Vegas Sports Informer and Rocky Sheridan. VSI is the leader in win percentage at over 63 percent!

How to use these NBA Power Ratings is to take the current ratings in game matchups and figure the attached home court advantages listed next to the teams.

Start Dec.1 Current   Start Dec. 1 Current 
Atlantic       Northwest
Boston +3.5 117 116 116 Denver +5 118 117 119
Brooklyn +3 116 118 117 Minnesota +3.5 115 115 116
New York +4.5 116 120 119 Oklahoma City +4.5 120 121 122
Philadelphia +3 116 116 113 Portland  +4 114 115 117
Toronto +3 113 112 113 Utah +4 115 115 117
Central       Southwest
Chicago +3 116 116 117 Dallas +3 116 116 113
Cleveland +2.5 113 112 111 Houston +3.5 113 117 118
Detroit +3 113 112 112 Memphis +4.5 117 120 121
Indiana +4.5 117 116 118 New Orleans +3 112 111 112
Milwaukee +3 114 115 116 San Antonio +5 119 122 123
Southeast       Pacific
Atlanta +3 115 118 117 Golden State +3.5 114 118 119
Charlotte +2.5 112 109 110 L.A. Clippers +5 117 120 123
Miami +4.5 120 122 120 L.A. Lakers +3.5 119 115 115
Orlando +2.5 111 114 112 Phoenix +3 113 113 112
Washington +3 112 108 107 Sacramento +3 113 112 113


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