NBA Eastern Conference Playoff Picture


As we head into the last few days of March, the NBA playoffs picture still has questions. We take a look at the Eastern Conference where several positions are almost settled, but there are elements that are still worth paying attention to.

From a wagering standpoint, this is where most of the late season action is. Betting teams that are out of the playoff picture and are getting beat night after night is merely a coin flip. Any basketball bettor is best to pass on those kinds of contests and save your money for postseason betting.

Here is what we know.

Locked and Loaded in the East

Though not official, the eight teams in the Eastern Conference are set. The only way realistically this does not happen is if Miami or Milwaukee or both, lose all their remaining games and Detroit and or Charlotte win all theirs. That has about as much of a chance as the “Roseanne” reboot being a hit TV show again.

Toronto is all but assured of being the top seed and Boston is essentially set, even if struggling mightily with injuries in the No.2 slot.




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