MLB Odds: What Divisions are Favored to Win World Series


When looking at futures MLB odds at sportsbooks, frankly, you never know what you might find. I came across a website where you could make MLB picks on the division to win the World Series.

This is a different twist from picking teams and it potentially takes a little pressure off on having to be so specific for sports picks.

I will share my findings and offer opinions on if these might be good plays or not good as a baseball handicapper versus their betting odds.

NL West is Top Choice

LA DodgersThis division has the lowest odds (7/2) and it is understandable with Los Angeles and San Francisco in the mix. Do not really have to explain why the Giants would fit based on what they have accomplished the last half decade. With the Dodgers largely a veteran squad, with as good as two frontline pitchers you can have in Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke, having the ability to use this duo four times in any series is a strength.

Though it has not worked that way for L.A., the Dodgers and San Fran are a formidable duo.

Both Central Divisions Share the Second Choice

Next up at 4/1 odds are the NL Central and AL Central Divisions. Each of these divisions features the strongest team in their respective leagues (as of June 22nd) with St. Louis and Kansas City. The National League version appears to be the stronger contingent with Pittsburgh and the Chicago Cubs all playing .550 or better baseball and all three contenders in positive numbers for run differential.

The AL Central has the defending pennant champions in the Royals, but at least at present time the rest of the teams are mediocre and all having negative score differentials. Detroit sure looks like the only team with an upside, but that only happens if the batting order stabilizes and Justin Verlander comes through.




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