Make your own fireworks by picking Baseball Long Shots


Our Dude, Seriously feature wants to know what is your biggest underdog or favorite that makes the rest of the betting world think you are the next Billy Walters. Feel free to post it, comment on it and I’ll be following it to see who the biggest winners (and losers) are.

Do you have what it takes, fire up your thoughts here and show the world your sports betting knowledge! 


  1. Doug; Happy July 4th belatedly; For tonite; Like 1- TOR on the R/L, Hochevar is not going on normal rest, KC has never faced Alvarez. 2- OVER in the Cleve/TB game, Indians hitting well, TB traveling w/ no rest and pitchers are average at best. 3- SD, these pitchers were traded for each other, SD on a streak.

  2. The way Lance Lynn has been pitching, Colorado’s strong lineup should score runs and if they get some help their pitchers, the Rockies can win this game.

  3. I already have one winner today with the White Sox and go after another underdog with Dodgers in your neck of the woods Doug. Wish me luck


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