MAC-Shire Hathaway Report


At 3DW we are all about giving your more than other tips and picks sights.  The site has just re-launched and now we are showing out true colours with our release of…The MAC-Shire Hathaway Report.

college footballNow I am sure you are asking what the heck is that?  The MAC-Shire Hathaway Report is a salute to the notion that in today’s information overload world specialization can provide a significant edge.  In this case it is looking exclusively at the Mid American Conference and using games and results from their teams, littered throughout the heart of America to make some bank.  The report will be a weekly special on 3DW and is being treated somewhat like an investment fund in the sense that some of the plays will be long (futures) and short (individual games).

The goal to double the value of the fund by the time that the last MAC teams completes their bowl game at the end of the season – maybe in the BCS.  Taking the long view, seasonal approach you will see some spread plays and over/unders as well as some ML plays that might be below usual thresholds to sometimes cherry pick some returns.

The fund will  be starting with a mythical $100,000 and each posting will keep you updated on how it is doing, the upcoming plays and looks at how long plays are looking.  It should be a fun and winning ride and just one of the ways that 3DW is different and gives you a little bit more.

Thanks for joining us – The Wiesguy

P.S.  Once the season starts you will need to be a subscriber to gain access


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