Looking at Baseball Futures – Spring Training – Giants vs. Royals


Our last stop in Spring Training for the Cactus League features the 2014 World Series participants. We will examine their baseball futures wagers and how they might do for season win totals.

As mentioned previously about San Francisco, they fallen this spring from the betting choice for MLB picks to second place in their division behind Los Angeles, yet are still the second-best wager to win the National League and the World Series.

The World Series champs Kansas City are now the hunted and this will be especially so in the American League as the two-time champions. What is most fascinating about their MLB odds is Boston, Houston Toronto and even Cleveland have higher season win totals than the Royals, yet that are still division and AL favorites.

Let’s put a bow on Spring Training for 2016, checking out these two World Series contenders.

San Francisco Odds – NL West 2nd (+130) – Win NL 2nd (+500) -Win World Series 2nd (+900) – Win Total O/U 88.5

For all the great antics Joe Maddon uses to win, Terry Francona having his players ready to perform in the second half of the season, Buck Showalter’s handling of pitchers and even Ned Yost’s even-keeled approach in Kansas City, the best manager in baseball is Bruce Boche. While he chooses his words wisely, in a sense he’s like Bill Belichick without all the drama.

San Francisco players love their skipper and while they do not win all the time, there is a toughness and no quit attitude about the Giants you don’t see from many other teams and they almost seem to never be out of games, because they come to play and hustle for nine innings.

San Francisco scores in a variety of ways, plays great defense and nobody is more skilled at working a bullpen than Boche. Sure you have to have great players and Buster Posey and Madison Bumgarner are the leaders of the team, but everyone has role like a Hunter Pence, Brandon Belt or Brandon Crawford. And they pass along the work ethic to a younger players like Matt Duffy or Joe Panik and they just fit in.

The Giants did loosen the purse strings in signing Jeff Samardzija and Johnny Cueto to refortify starting staff and seeing this is even numbered year, does it make sense to not bet on San Francisco for all wagering possibilities? We did not think so either.

Kansas City Odds – AL Central 1st (+180) – Win AL 1st (+500) -Win World Series 5th (+1500) – Win Total O/U 85

www.vegasproinsidersdaily.comComing off a World Series appearance and pushing San Francisco to a Game 7 with tying run 90 feet from scoring, the Royals players were none too happy last season to be listed as the second or third pick to win the AL Central and have a 82-win total.

Kansas City began last year 7-0 and essentially never looked back in becoming World Series champions for the first time in three decades.



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