Live Underdog Cleveland Covers Again Versus Toronto


You have to give Cleveland Cavaliers credit for one thing, you never know what to expect from one game to the next. Kind of like the Oakland Raiders draft choices, each one is an adventure.

Across the airwaves of television and radio, and as it turned out, many making NBA picks, Toronto was the choice against Cleveland. LeBron James might be able to beat Indiana single-handedly, but Toronto has more scoring power, depth, and size, not in this series.

Then James and his teammates show up north of the border and all they do is upset the Raptors in OT 113-112 as seven-point underdogs. Though James led his team in scoring with 26, he needed 30 shot attempts to get there and he was 1 for 8 from three-point land and uncharitable 1 for 6 from the free throw line.


Cleveland won because of LeBron’s teammates, which was totally unexpected. Now what? Sportsbooks NBA odds have the Cavs catching six-points and the opening Game 1 total of 218 has been reworked down to 212.5.  Here is what to consider for Game 2 at 6:05 on ESPN Thursday.

The King Does Need His Knights To Help

As great as LBJ is, he still needs some help. This is why Kyle Korver and JR Smith combining for 39 points and burying 10 three’s was so important for the Cavaliers. One could also make the case that Tristan Thompson could be the only person alive that could make a Kardashian family member appear to be a sympathetic figure, but he may have saved Cleveland’s season returning as a dynamic rebounder (22 the last two games, including 14 offensive boards).



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