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    This whole LeBron James saga has taken on a life of its own and opinions certain very as to what others believe he should or will do.

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    Personally, I believe his final decision will speak more to his character and honest beliefs than anything else.

    If he’s truly interested in winning championships, there are three locations, Miami, Cleveland and Chicago.

    The Heat offers the best chance to win now with D-Wade and Chris Bosh already in the fold. People are comparing this to Boston Celtics “Three Amigos”, but it is clearly not.
    Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce were all players who had enjoyed lengthy careers and were on the back side of peak performance when they got together. A James, Wade and Bosh connection has all three right in the heart of their best years and let’s not forget egos. Can it work, without a doubt, but each will have to give up a part of their game and other pieces are still necessary.

    To stay in Cleveland, James has to trust ownership and front office that they will find the right pieces to bring a champion home. Best financial deal for LeBron in terms of contract and Betty White’s pleas are hard to ignore.

    Chicago is not as good as it looks, at least at the moment from talent perspective. Derrick Rose would be a huge upgrade for James from the guard spot, however many of the rest of the Bulls players are somewhat similar to what the “King” has played with in Cleveland.

    If James were to sign with New York or New Jersey, that would explain his true motive, building his brand. In a perfect world, the Knicks and Nets would have to make flawless decisions over the next three years to even be considered as legitimate conference contenders. Neither organization has shown the intelligence to make that happen, however both have dollars or rubles to put together package and marketing potential is endless, but presently so could the team losses.

    Best guess here is Miami or Cleveland.


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