LeBron James Haters Not Happy After Cavs Game 3 Win and Cover


The NBA Playoffs resume after their spring break with Game 3 in the Eastern Conference. Swinging Johnson and I are even after four games with our selections, who grabs the upper hand Saturday?

With some extra time on my hands because of no NBA odds to study. I went looking through Facebook, and Instagram and was alarmed by the hate about LeBron James. I knew he was a polarizing figure to many, but the vile, Yikes!

If there is something not to like about LeBron is whatever role he played in assembling this largely mediocre cast of characters in Cleveland. Playing with most any generational player is draining for his teammates, ask those who played with Kobe, Jordan, Bird, and Magic, it’s not always fun.


Even with all the problems, Cleveland has had with Boston, does that mean the Cavaliers are not worthy of consideration for NBA picks and potentially evening up this series? Of course not. Basketball bettors not named Swing Johnson still think the Cavs are able and moved them from -5 to -6. Here is how Cleveland wins and covers the first of two at home.

Shoot The 3-Ball, Find A Third Scorer and Generate Turnovers

As I mentioned in an article earlier this week here after Game 2, the Boston defense has been terrific. But to think the Cavaliers will not get close to their season average of 12 treys a game after totaling 14 in Bean-Town is ludicrous. That is how Cleveland plays and having a tremendous sense of urgency and playing at home will be a big boost for their offense.



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