Know When to Bet Carolina and Vancouver the Right Way


Among the many methods of betting sports is to hone in certain teams that you have a good feel for. This does not mean you have love them or hate them, just follow the path they set forth.

A rich example for making NHL picks is to follow the fortunes of the Carolina Hurricanes and Vancouver Canucks, both home and away. The easiest way to describe these teams where they play is think Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.		When playing on home ice, Carolina and Vancouver have spirit and belief that nobody comes in their building and just waltzes away with two points. Here are these teams home records.

Carolina 15-5-1

Vancouver 17-6-3

The Hurricanes have won by great on offense, ranked eighth in home team scoring at 3.18 goals a game.

The Canucks success is harder to track since they have actually dead even in scoring (2.42 vs. 2.42). However, whether it has been luck or good fortune, in games decided by one goal at home, Vancouver is 10-1, including 6-1 beyond regulation.

When these two teams hit the road, well, life changes rather dramatically against the NHL odds as you can see.

Carolina 6-13-6 (that’s 6-19 SU)

Vancouver 5-13-3 (5-16 SU)

Like many teams, the Hurricanes have a weaker defense playing in other buildings, but the real stunner is what happens to the offense, which just shrivels up, scoring almost a goal less a game (2.28 vs. 3.18).

The Canucks is easier to understand, they get worse almost in equal parts on offense and defense and are beaten by nearly a goal a game (0.9) and are 3-11 in contests determined by two or more goals in the visiting sweaters.

Sometimes, wagering does not have to be complicated.


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