Just Releashed E-Book – Crushing College Hoops in March – By Doug Upstone


    How To Win Wagers Betting Basketball with this book:  Crushing College Hoops in March 

    Crushing College Hoops in March – is the proven approach to massive profits during the craziest month on betting basketball.

    Stop struggling to win college basketball bets, with great information about winning side bets and totals and not just the NCAA Tournament, but conference tournaments and the smaller ones like the NIT. It is your time to be Crushing College Hoops in March. Get your copy and start Winning!

    And the word is getting out with these testamontials!!

    “Insightful, Direct and To the Point” – Scott B. Miwaukee

    “10 bucks for this much information, Holy SH_T”  – Brad B. Eugene

    “Easy Read that is packed with great info, Thanks.” – Todd P. San Diego

    Being a heavy basketball bettor, most of the material in the book I already knew. But just because you know it does not mean you always apply it. Awesome reference material anyone betting basketball can use. Nice work guys! – Nick G. Seattle


    $9.99 Add to Cart


    $9.99 Add to Cart

    Significant contributions from VPID experts like Tony George, Kyle Hunter, Sean Higgs and Jim Mack. Grab a copy and place on the odds on your side! Snap up Crushing College Hoops in March Today!


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