Johnny Manziel suspended for 30 minutes – Major Implications?


3daily WinnersThe NCAA came down hard on Johnny Manziel for improper wrongdoing concerning NCAA violations and suspended him for the first half against Rice.

Many sportsbooks have already pulled the game off the line, figuring Texas A&M has to make brand new plans and they might have to adjust first half line by say, a half point (maybe).

Coach Kevin Sumlin expressed his thoughts on the suspension,  “Johnny’s handled it very well,” Sumlin said with a straight face.

Nevertheless, what will be the implications on Manziel’s chances to repeat as Heisman Trophy champion? Consider this forces Sumlin’s hand to play him in the second half as opposed to the first and does he keep his starters in longer if the Aggies are up 28 points or does he risk playing Manziel with ….backups! AHHHH…

In related yet non-football story, if Manziel does not dress in the first half but changes into Aggies garb at halftime, does he become a modern version of Clark Kent/Johnny Manziel turning into Superman/Johnny Football?


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