Jason Kidd to Milwaukee – New Owners Make First Mistake


Jason KiddThe Bucks change in coaching is a mark that shows the new ownership group wants to go in a different direction and place their stamp on it. The problem is they choose the wrong guy. Jason Kidd has always been a “what about me” guy wherever he has been. All his different stops in the NBA as a player, his off the court issues and walking away from being a player to a NBA coach without paying an dues (Patrick Ewing comes to mind), shows he believes he knows what’s best for him and those who happen to be around him.

His failed power play in Brooklyn is his latest example of him believing he is smarter than everyone else and the Nets were happy to send him on his way despite making the Elite 8 of the NBA tournament.

Kidd will make more money in Milwaukee to satisfy his ego for now, but everyone who has an understanding about his past knows he wants to run everything in the Bucks organization and in a year or two tops, will begin demanding this as soon as he signs his name on the contract.

He went from arguably the worst coach in the NBA after two months to average and to say is upside is much higher is a reach. While he cannot go anywhere but up considering the Bucks won 15 games last season, it will be curious to view how this plays out.

Kidd is used to having it all and has been unconcerned about how he attempts to reach for what he always thinks he deserves and it is hard the fathom this will be any different in Milwaukee.


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