In The Trenches Is Where Profits Can Be Found in College Football


When watching football on television, our eyes are normally drawn to the football. That is how we see how yards are gained or lost and how many touchdowns and field goals are totaled. However, the true aspect of football is how plays are executed and often the success or failure of any given play is determined by what happens in the offensive and defensive lines.

If you watch a game in person, it is much easier to see how plays unfold. If you are sitting high enough in the end zone or the corners, you get a terrific view of line play and where the ball ends up is a function of what you just witnessed. (This is also true of your Madden football game)

Having a butt-kicking offensive line can not only lead to a team having a great season, but to you building profits on your football bets. How often do we hear in November about how a team offensive line helped carry the offense. Or a squad that was not supposed to be very good, has a shocking year and we learn that they returned all five linemen from last season.

In alphabetical, not ranking order, here are the best offensive lines coming into the season in college football.

Alabama – Surprised? Of course not and Nick Saban almost always recruits a bevy of linemen that are extraordinarily good and improve as the season moves along. Left tackle Jonah Williams is likely the Crimson Tide’s next first team All-American, with four other seniors expected to start and open gaping holes for a corral-full of running backs.

Boston College – This group will not receive a lot of acclaim, but running back A.J. Dillon knows how good they are after rushing for almost 1,600 yards as a freshman. All five hoss’s return (Keith Jackson reference), led by RG Chris Lindstrom, from a contingent who have made 143 career starts.



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