In-Season Baseball Betting Situations That Are Money-Makers

Baseball in a Glove near Bat

The variety of statistics in baseball lend itself to finding various ways to beat the sportsbook. If one has the time, they could spend a week looking at many different methods to try to clash and ultimately win more often than not against the oddsmaker.

Yet, with today’s fast-paced world, who has the time figure all this out? And even if you as the bettor come across something that has enjoyed profitable numbers, but over the short-term, are you ready to place bets you feel comfortable with?


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To save you time and hopefully make you some money, here are betting tips that are good from June thru August. (We’ll explain why at the end of this article.)

Play On Great Teams To Avoid Sweeps and Against Bad Clubs To Be Swept

What determines a great club? These teams would have a winning percentage of 59 percent or higher for starters. Next, they would have a run differential of at least one run, showing their ability to win a number of contests to two or more runs. Lastly, they have solid starting pitching and a quality bullpen to put away games.

What these teams should look like at the end of the season is a group that won 96 or more times. However, with all those victories comes about 60 defeats and sometimes during the course of the year they will be swept in a series a few different times.

Along the way will be near misses, losing the first two games but pulling one out to avoid the sweep. If this team has one of its Top 3 starters taking the mound, chances are the pride factor kicks in and they become sharper mentally and find a way to win this games. Since 2014, these squads have won over 65 percent of the time yielded a profit of over 40 units.




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