In Search of Total(s) Success on Sunday


One would think with 16 games to choose in baseball, it would be relatively easy to come up at least three plays. Yet, at least from this perspective, that is not the case on this day.

In looking over the matchups, what I kept running into was a starting pitcher or team that was either pitching well and his team was not scoring much and he was opposed by an opponent who had a pitcher who had been giving out runs like candy for a first-grader at school for their birthday and his club was scoring runs with abandon. In theory, this makes it relatively easy for sportsbooks to set MLB odds because they take the two numbers and come up with a figure.

For those of us who are handicapping games and looking to generate MLB picks, this complicates matters and this is why I am going with my two best choices.

AL Central Contest Has Inflated Number	Let’s get this out of the way, I’m not saying the Minnesota and Detroit total from the oddsmakers is wrong at 10, I just disagree.


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