Hump Day (Under)Dogs – Aggies and Panthers are Money!


It’s Wednesday in the winter time and you know what that means here at on the college hoops page. Time to investigate and find a pair of underdogs that can beat the spread.

All season long we have enjoyed great success with a 19-9 record (67.8%), so let’s see if we can beat the college basketball odds one more time and engineer another sweep.

Today’s choices for college basketball picks will take us into the SEC and the opening night of the Ohio Valley Conference tournament. Without further ado, let’s explain why we like these two pooches.

The Aggies Win Handily If They Rebound

If you need evidence of how crazy the SEC has been all year, you can use last night as an example. Inconsistent teams like Missouri and Florida won going away on the road. Tennessee destroyed Miss. State in Starksville and Auburn has been caught for the top spot in the SEC by the Vols after losing at Arkansas.

Texas A&M (18-11, 12-14 ATS) and Georgia (16-12, 13-12 ATS) fit right in the mix of teams that can win or lose on any given day for no apparent reason.

The Aggies were one of the best five teams in the country in November, slipped back because of injuries and have up and down since. The Bulldogs are capable of impressive victories and frustrating losses week to week and you just never know how they might perform.



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