How To Spot Teams That Could Start the NFL Season Smoking Hot


With the NFL season less than two months away, all of us as football bettors are looking at getting money down on the NFL preseason along with of course the regular season.

While season win totals are clearly in the wheelhouse this time of year and should be looked into diligently, there are other elements to consider for the upcoming season for NFL picks.

By now, several offshore and U.S. sportsbooks have posted on the opening week of the season, as those seem to come out earlier every single year. While most do not look at the NFL really carefully until the season approaches or getting a feel from the NFL Preseason on all 32 teams, there are aspects to prepare for.

Here are aspects of NFL teams that lend themselves to playing well in the first half of the season and having real value.

Marginal Teams That Finished Last Season Rolling

Unless you are a huge football fan or in the handicapping business, when you look at last year’s standings and see teams that are any from 9-7 to 6-10 and they missed the playoffs, it’s easy to forget how a club finished the previous season.

If that’s the case, it is always best to refresh your memory. Annually, included in this contingent is a team or teams that finished anywhere from 5-1 to 6-2. Oddsmakers are certainly aware of who these squads are and have priced them accordingly for a season win total or betting odds that relate to winning their division or conference.

This does not mean this team will have tremendous success all season long and there are still notes on your assignment list to review before making this club or clubs a thought full-fledged Play On unit.

Nonetheless, often, the carryover of finishing the previous year playing extremely well is a building block leading into the next season.

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