How College Football Bettors Should Read First CFP Poll


This seems to be an annual event, the first College Football Playoff Poll comes out and one of the picks makes no sense and it is talked about at every available media outlet that night and next day.

In the words of Aaron Rodgers, everyone needs to R E L A X.

First off, this poll has zero impact on college football odds for futures wagers. Sportsbooks like A+ rated Bookmaker are using their experts to calculate who the top four teams in college football are and frankly, are not going to swayed as dramatically by so-called strength of schedule.

Here is a side by side comparison of the two, with futures odds included.

CFP Top 8

Bookmaker Top 8

1) Alabama

Alabama  +145

2) Clemson

Clemson  +527

3) Michigan

Ohio State +627

4) Texas A&M

Michigan +672

5) Washington

Washington +750

6) Ohio State

Louisville +1200

7) Louisville

LSU +3038

8) Wisconsin

Texas A&M +4500


In fairness the CFP poll is telling us their opinion of who the best eight teams are, while Bookmaker is giving us the odds of who can win the national championship based on skill and talent, not as specifically on other factors like win/loss record and who has played who.		The big controversy at the moment is Washington and Texas A&M. Washington is undefeated and has not played many difficult teams and they have been hurt by Stanford and Oregon not being close to preseason prognostications. USC and at Washington State are their toughest remaining games.

The Aggies have a loss and it was to Alabama on the road and with how this grading is determined, any SEC team is going to get the benefit of the doubt because of the difficulty of the league. Texas A&M should win at Mississippi State this week and that is followed by three home games, the last on Thanksgiving against LSU.

Bottom line, if Washington is 12-0 and wins Pac-12 title game, they would leap over Texas A&M at 11-1, who would not play for SEC championship.



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