Hockey Bettors Cashing Big on Columbus Blue Jackets with “Dinosaur” Coach


Though a professional sports franchise, the Columbus Blue Jackets hockey team has been a source of entertainment in Ohio’s largest city, with Ohio State what most its citizens care about most.

After years of futility and seldom making the Stanley Cup spring party, Columbus is starting to look like a team that needs to be taken serious if you are grinding the NHL odds on a daily basis.

The Blue Jackets are the best bet for making NHL picks at Intertops (A-rated) or any other sportsbook and there is nothing fluky about it. Columbus is among the leader in points in the Eastern Conference in spite of having played the fewest games and they have a winning record both at home and on the road, proving they are not a one-trick pony.

The Jackets are in the top 3 in scoring and top 3 in goals allowed, showing just how potent they are.		After years of bad hockey, the Columbus front office was finally drafted smartly and adding pieces, but it was not coming together and they brought in John Tortorella as head coach.

“Torts” is pure old school, says what is on his mind, often enough to his detriment. After failure in Vancouver, Tortorella was damaged goods and was thought to be out of touch with modern speed-filled game.

However, Tortorella did not coddle his new team, made demands and Columbus players started to understand who it takes to win in this league.

To the coach’s credit, he has changed his ways, having his team quickly move the puck up ice at every opportunity, which is why the Blue Jackets scoring is so strong. He also is doing away with – morning skates – wanting his players to be fresher come game time and his players are responding to his methods.

Columbus has several three games in four days between now and Feb. 1st, but is worth considering for NHL picks nearly every game presently.


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