Have the nerve to be seen, what is top MLB Long Shot?


Our Dude, Seriously feature wants to know what is your biggest underdog or favorite that makes the rest of the betting world think you are the next Billy Walters. Feel free to post it, comment on it and I’ll be following it to see who the biggest winners (and losers) are.

Lou had a couple of sharp calls and their was other careful advice that turned out to be true. Do you have what it takes, fire up your thoughts here and show the world your sports betting knowledge! 


  1. Doug; For tonite: 1- Seattle on the R/L, based on pitching matchups. 2- Boston on the R/L, Red Sox should tee off against Colon, Oak, does not hit leftys well. 3- LIke SD based on pitchers, .

    • I don’t know if its good or bad Lou, but I like all your plays and made similar wagers myself. Good Luck to both of us.

  2. Even though I really like the White Sox Chris Sale, I’m doing to discount him and take the underdog Rangers on the road tonight.


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