Golden State’s Stars Capture Game 1 in Houston


Every NBA basketball fan and hoops bettor are waiting with anticipation for the Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets to get started in the Western Conference Finals on TNT Monday evening.

Though I’m not a big fan of boxing anymore, this Golden State vs. Houston confrontation should be remarkable. In one corner, we the champion Warriors, who have been The Association champions in two of the past three years and was one game (three times) from coming into this series as three-peat champions. In the other corner is the challenger, Houston, who’s recent playoffs was nearly as painful to watch as the Cardinals Yadier Molina’s groin injury.

But as Rockets GM Daryl Morey stated, he’s been obsessed the past three years about improving his roster to be good enough to defeat Golden State.

Having assembled the best record in the league and beating the Warriors twice, Houston feels this is their time. Yet, not everyone feels that as the NBA odds from all sportsbooks have Steve Kerr’s crew as series favorites around -190.

Having been introduced to Swinging Johnson at SBR, on a Skype call, he tried to convince me Houston wins the series opener. But I disagreed and here is what I told him.

Experience and Talent Matter in the Moment

“Swinging” made several salient points and in full disclosure, I’m not 100 percent Golden State wins Game 1, but I’m all but certain Steph and Kev will earn a split in H-Town.



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