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What I’m letting you know today: Do you have the same feeling I do that Michael Phelps might not have a very good Olympics by his standards?

You have to give the Angels credit; they beat Texas to the punch and secured the best available starting pitcher in Zack Greinke. This gives them a big edge (for the moment) over the Rangers. From what I know of the players the Angels gave up, all three are not far away from wearing a Milwaukee uniform in the near future.

For the Angels, it is all about winning now and owner Artie Moreno is doing his best George Steinbrenner impersonation. The Halos organization must have a lot faith they can sign Greinke after the season, because to rent him for two months and lose three top prospects is risky business. Now, LA/2 has to play and go and win a World Series to justify the expenditures.

One final thought (I hope) on Penn State. This has been bothering me for awhile. Though Penn State did not get the death penalty, they instead got the slow death penalty. No matter how you cut it, Nittany Lions football is going to relate more to Purdue than Michigan. Instead of punishing players that were in grade school when this all began from what we know, why didn’t the NCAA punish the school in the worst way by taking their money? Sure 60 million dollars in a lot of money to you and me but by most reports that is what Penn State football brings in a year. If the NCAA wanted real reform that mattered, what about a fine of 500 million! Instead of punishing football players that are 100% blameless, make the school shake to its foundation having to cough up money they count one. Then turnaround and distribute the money to the victims and organizations that can help. You start talking about a half a billion dollars; change would come swiftly to Penn State.

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