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What I’m letting you know today: I thought this was pretty cool from ESPN’s Jayson Stark.

The Rangers own the best run differential in baseball (plus-81). But think how huge that gap might be if they also weren’t the only team to give up 19 runs or more in two different games this season. They allowed 19 to the White Sox on Tuesday, just five weeks after somehow letting the Mariners score three touchdowns on them (in a 21-8 game). So here’s all you need to know about that:

• The last team to give up 19 or more twice in the same season and go on to win the World Series? That would be Mule Haas’ 1930 Philadelphia Athletics.

• Only three other teams in history have ever led their league in run differential in a season in which they allowed at least 19 runs more than once. Those three, according to Elias: Shawn Chacon’s 2006 Yankees (twice), Deacon Phillippe’s 1900 Pirates (twice) and Sadie McMahon’s 1894 Baltimore Orioles (who did it four times, but still wound up outscoring their opposition by 352 runs).

• And, as loyal reader Warren Leunig pointed out, Tuesday was the second time this year that the Rangers had fallen behind in a game 17-0 (or worse). And that’s tough, even for the Cowboys. The 2002 Indians were the last team to fall 17 behind (by any score) twice in the same season. But no team had dropped into two different 17-0 holes in the same year, according to Elias, since Al Santorini’s 1969 Padres.

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