Free NFL Betting Info- Week 15


Many friends of 3Daily Winners including myself got there rear-end handed to them yesterday. It was one of those days you are just thankful it’s December and a long basketball season still awaits. By comparison, 1-2 here for Saturday looks pretty good compared to some of the numbers I saw. Kendall from the LLC returns and is still having a very good NFL season and offers his Best Play for Free. The impossible to figure Denver Broncos are featured in today’s Top Trend. The best NFL System available today is an unlikely team and is 86.1 percent Winner. Good Luck.

Free Football System-1) PLAY ON road teams where the line is +3 to -3 off a cover where the team lost as an underdog, in the second half of the season. This sweet sounding system is 31-5 ATS, 86.1 percent over a 25-year period, including 2-0 in 2008. The team to consider is the Seattle Seahawks.

Free Football Trend -2) The Denver Broncos are is 1-14 ATS after gaining six or more yards a play in their previous game over the last two seasons.

Free Football Selection -3) Kendall of the Left Coast Connection did cool off from his amazing 17-2 NFL start and is 38-21, 64.4 percent current for the year. He’s started to heat up again with 5-0 record last week and is on Atlanta this week.

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