For Golden State’s Dynasty, The Future Remains Now


With three titles in four years (it should have been 4 for 4) Golden State is a true dynasty. But as is the case with all dynasties, eventually they come to an end. Will 2019 be that year for the Warriors?

For all the greatness of Golden State, the most common word used by players and coaches alike just before and after sweeping Cleveland was “challenging”. Eventually, we will all be let in on what really happened with Warriors this season. But here’s what we do know.

For most of the year, Golden State played uninspired basketball and for a team with four future Hall of Famers, 58 wins do not sound like much.

After you have a couple rings in a short time, the regular season seems laborious and frankly boring to players wanting championships. Also, with this much talent and in the prime of their individual careers, players actually do believe they can just “flip the switch” and win.

Coach Steve Kerr complained more publically about his team than at any time in his tenure.

Also, let’s not forget that if Chris Paul is not injured at the end of Game 5, do we really know that Golden State would beat Houston twice to advance to The Finals?

What Does The Future Hold For Golden State?

The Warriors will again be favored to win another title, listed as 5/4 favorites at those sportsbooks which have posted futures odds. They are followed by Houston, Philadelphia, and Boston, with Cleveland nowhere in sight because LeBron James is anticipated to leave.



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