For Betting Baseball we have Hump Day Daily Double Parlay


Parlays have grown in popularity the last several years and they have always been popular in betting baseball because the money line is more advantageous to winning than against the spread.

Yesterday I laid out my process for wagering on two-teamers, which is basically taking two favorites I like, usually at least one that is larger if not both, and go for the win, not necessarily the big score. This has served me well against the MLB odds by reducing risk and generating profits.

Yesterday we won our first selection here at with the Mets and Giants, let’s try and pick up another for MLB picks.

First Leg of Parlay

The Atlanta Braves are 4-16, already down -9.8 units on the season and case could be made to bet against them for the remainder of the season, though you end up betting into quite a few -300 or higher money lines in the not too distant future.

www.vegasproinsidersdaily.comAtlanta is a really bad baseball team and this is not going to change this season and probably not a whole lot next year. I have mentioned on various social media outlets this week, the Braves are not a good offensive and they are much worse than just their 3.2 runs per game average. Consider there slugging percentage is worse than on-base percentage (.280 vs .299) which by this point in the season is hard to do. The reason for this is the Braves have THREE home runs and the National League average at this point is 21. That is the fewest long balls after 20 games since the 1975 California Angels.

After starting the season 0-9, they won four in a row, but are now on a seven-game losing streak, averaging 2.1 RPG. Atlanta is in the midst of a four-game home and home with Boston and Heritage has the Red Sox as -185 favorites and with no offense and allowing 5.2 RPG, hard to imagine the Braves will come up with many solutions today.

Second Leg of Parlay

The Houston Astros were favored to win the AL West and return to the postseason, however, right now just a victory sounds pleasant. Houston has the worst record in the American League at 6-15 and is even a poorer wager than Atlanta at -12.5 units. Though the Astros hitting has not helped at only 3.8 runs per game, the pitching has been horrific.



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