Finding Surprise Teams For Over/Under Bets and All Season Long

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In our continuing series this summer about finding ways to profit from betting college football, we have covered going thru preseason magazines to see how teams shape up in their conferences. We have talked about scheduling and coaches and listed the Top 10 expected best offensive and defensive lines.

If you have or are about to make season win totals bets, you should already know who the best quarterbacks in the country are (and frankly it’s a rather lame group). Thus, what is left to do? It is time to make your final decisions on bets and at the same time think long-term about the wagers you either have or will be placing.

Assembling The Puzzle

Here are the general characteristics of teams that improve.

* Having an Experienced Quarterback and a Good Offensive Line

Because these are college players, the growth from year to year is important and having cohesiveness is a big plus.

* Within the Conference, a Talented Defensive Team With Nine or More Starters Returning

In team sports, everyone has to do their part for success. If a team’s offense is pedestrian, having a veteran defense loaded with experience can be a winning factor. The stop troops can generate positive field position, making it easier for the offense to score or create turnovers which also provides more scoring chances. A great example was a run of the mill Akron team that made the MAC championship last year.

* Understanding Scheduling

One could make the argument Nick Saban’s Alabama program is the greatest of all-time. The Crimson Tide have the best coach, annually, are among the Top 3 to 4 most talented teams and the competitive and competition in the practices help players reach new heights. Recently, Saban was on ESPN and shared that former players that come back to Tuscaloosa say the NFL is much easier than practices at Alabama.



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