Finding Different Ways To Cash When Betting College Football – Part 1


For many sport betting gamblers, betting futures is largely a recreational activity. Throw 20 or 50 bucks on your favorite team when in Vegas and if it happens to win, you can show all your friends what you did and won.

Other more serious sports bettors will go thru the list of options they could wager on and go about the process more diligently to find the best value. The takes patience and a large enough bankroll because you are parking cash for months that you cannot use.

In looking at college football this upcoming season, for teams to wager on to win the national championship, it’s rather difficult to make a strong case for someone other than Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State and Georgia. Washington and Wisconsin at the very least deserve consideration, yet if they make the Final 4, it would seem their only real chance would be if the Crimson Tide and Tigers met again in the semi-finals.

You can definitely do Over/Under’s for season win totals and those are fun or you could try this.

In August, sportsbooks will have odds to win the conference and most likely who will win the divisions in particular conferences. With many of the major college football annuals already being sold, this is a great time of year to do preparation and potentially find some real nuggets.

The beauty of this type of futures betting is you can find a few teams that could produce a larger payday than the chalky favorites and this keeps you involved emotionally and financially. This can also be a nice distraction if some of your weekly football bets are not going your way.



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