Expect Anaheim and Nashville To Keep Play Close Low Scoring Games


Here is a piece of advice for the Western Conference Finals, do not play the favorite on the puck line (-1.5). The reason is the difference in this series is almost indiscernible if you are watching.

www.vegasproinsidersdaily.comAnaheim and Nashville are evenly matched and the outcomes thus far and likely the rest of series will be based on power plays (like Game 3), hot or cold goaltending (the whole series) and a lucky bounce or two.

Also, if you are in forums, don’t listen to those talking about “making a ton of money” betting reverse puck lines for NHL picks, where you take the underdog and make them a -1.5 favorite, the only way you win that bet in this series is a last minute ‘lucky’ empty net goal. If you want to make that bet, take the money and put it aside for your kid’s college fund, it will be better used.




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