Examining The 2018 NFL Draft – Quarterback Position vs. The Odds


Much like the college football playoff system, in which we have nearly a month to dissect the four teams playing in semifinals, the NFL Draft period allows for too much discussion and thinking. How many times do we make a decision, right or wrong, and left with too long much time to think about it, we start to waver and question our first beliefs?

Maybe the additional information provided us with the necessary insight to make the right choice, but more often than not we end up with “I should have trusted my original instincts.”

The NFL Draft is the same way. For every Brady Quinn who slid on draft day, there is an Aaron Rodgers whose headed to the Hall of Fame, after falling to 24th in 2005 draft.

With a supposedly loaded quarterback class, there had been a frenzy of activity about who is going where. Additionally, every QB is scrutinized every which way and that has led to varying opinions on where different signal callers will end up, especially those who are expected to be chosen in the first round.

Here is a look at how some of the top draft experts see the Top 4 quarterback positioning working out in order of preference.



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