Elite 8 Saturday


    Four blowouts last night, all equally impressive. Stephen Curry is such a good shooter and scorer for Davidson, yet the defense was the got my attention. For anyone that is a Wisconsin fan, you have to wonder why Bo Ryan was letting Brian Butch at 7’0, chuck up bricks from the top of the three point line. Sure he can make them from time to time, but his with size and strength advantage, do you really want him out there?

    Today, really like Louisville with the points, thus I’ll make them 3* with a chance to win outright. In the other game, would like to take Xavier; however off overtime game and against UCLA experience, will pass on star rated play and just suggest play on Musketeers.

    For the tournament now 11-8-1.

    The Left Coast Connection is 12-9-1 for the tourney and has the Cardinals today and split evenly on UCLA and Xavier.
    In the NBA they are all over Denver.

    Good Luck today.


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