Early Football Line Moves


    The Early Line Moves segment of college football for the regular season has ended and it was quite a year. Last week in college football these plays were 1-2 on the sides and fabulous 5-0 in college totals. This makes season record 66-41-1, 61.6 percent on sides and 48-36, 57.1 percent on Totals in CFB. We will start for the bowl season, but my experience has been this is harder to determine because of the timing aspect. I talked to sharps that jump on numbers the day they are posted, however the vast majority wait about a week before the game and try to buy the market at what price they want. This makes the marketplace for these games more convoluted, when mixed in with others and the results vary from year to year.

    In the NFL, there were no Sides plays, leaving the record at 13-12, 52 percent. On the Totals, a sparkling 3-1 record, making the updated figure 24-18-1, 57.1 percent. Enjoy reading and closely follow these numbers for wagering portfolio.

    NFL Sides
    Seattle -3 to -1 (Has gone back up since)
    Baltimore Pick to -2
    New England -8 to -6.5

    NFL Totals
    SF/ Miami 43 to 41.5
    Buff/NYJ 43 to 41.5
    SD/KC 48 to 46

    Bowl Game Sides
    TCU Pick to -2.5

    Bowl Game Totals
    TCU/Boise 48 to 46

    That is all for the first seven bowl games.


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