Duke Doesn’t Rebuild, It Reloads and Has Unreal Recruiting Class


With the 2017-18 season quickly fading away, the Duke basketball program forges ahead and begins preparation for the upcoming season with a completely new cast of characters coming to Durham.

Being a top-flight basketball coach at any level requires two aspects. First, you have to be a teacher and second, you must be adaptable and be willing to change.

Hall of Fame coach Mike Krzyzewski has always had both those traits. When other coaches have gotten to this point in their careers, they tend to stick what they are most comfortable with and slowly fade away. Kryzewski has not followed that path and kept Duke at the highest levels because he was willing to change.

When Kentucky was having such success with the “one and done” recruiting approach, Coach K had the faith in himself he too could coach teach ultra-talented players to play for the team and still win championships.

Krzyzewski’s Olympic and international basketball experience, in which he saw Jim Boeheim’s vaunted 2-3 zone principles in action on a daily basis,  gave him another option defensively when his Duke players struggled in man-to-man defense. That defense along with Coach K’s own adjustments keyed last season’s turnaround.





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