Down Year In the Big 12? The Numbers Say So


On June 13th, the South Point sportsbook in Las Vegas released its projected season win totals on 129 college football teams for the upcoming 2018 season. (Here is link – )

There will be no shortage of opinions at various websites as many will dig deeper and try and figure out where the best values are, for or against particular teams.

Instead of talking about specific teams and doing what everyone will be, we will change it up and offer analysis on something, which honestly jumped off the page. If you review all the numbers, closely look at the Big 12.

Big 12

  • Oklahoma: 10 (Over -110, Under -110)
  • Texas: 8.5 (Over -110, Under -110)
  • Oklahoma State: 8 (Over -120, Under EVEN)
  • TCU: 7.5 (Over -110, Under -110)
  • West Virginia: 7 (Over EVEN, Under -120)
  • Iowa State: 6.5 (Over -120, Under EVEN)
  • Baylor: 6 (Over -105, Under -115)
  • Kansas State: 6 (Over -110, Under -110)
  • Texas Tech: 6 (Over -110, Under -110)
  • Kansas: 3 (Over -110, Under -110)

Granted, the Big 12 only has 10 teams compared to the four other power conferences, but did you catch it.

The Big 12 is the only major conference expected to have less than three teams win 8.5 or more games. The ACC has three, the Big Ten has five, the Pac-12 has three and the SEC shows up with four. Even the AAC and Sun Belt have rosier prospects for their top teams win totals.

This not to say the AAC and Sun Belt are better and the Big 12 could well have three or more teams win nine or more times, but taking these betting odds at face value, sportsbooks are not high on the Big 12. But why, let’s look into it.



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