Top 6-Point NFL Teaser Bets for Week 10 – On the Hunt For Big Winners


As I have done in the past here, I’ve settled in and over the last month have nailed a series of two, three and four-team NFL teasers with a 13-3 record and on the season now reside at 20-8.

For long time readers of this article, I do the same thing every week against the NFL odds, I seek the best value in the right numbers. For those just reading this for the first time, this is what I mean.

On six-point teasers on sides, we not only want to make our NFL picks advantageous, we want them placed properly against key numbers. That means whenever possible we want to pass through at least two and mostly three key football numbers like 3,6,7 and 10. This is where a lot of final scores end in professional football and you want be on the right side of the numbers.

That is why for example I am passing on Pittsburgh for teaser. At -10 from the sportsbooks, being able to teaser the Steelers down to -4 is really inviting and a likely winner against Indianapolis. While it is true we are passing thru key numbers of 6 and 7, on the road I feel more comfortable if we could teaser this down to -3, giving us the option for a Push, just in case we have a 23-20 final score with Pittsburgh barely winning.

Here are my teaser choices for Sunday.

Green Bay Taken From +6 to +12 at Chicago

If you watched the Monday night contest, Green Bay looked closer to San Francisco than New England. Despite this, with the chance to tease the Packers all the way up to +12, this too good to pass up. While the Chicago defense is much improved, the Bears offense is averaging 16.7 PPG and has only broken 17 points once in last five games. Another key in this teaser is the total of 38. In the last two years when the total has been between 35.5 and 42 points, Chicago has outscored foes by 0.8 PPG.




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