Do You Dare Trust Cleveland as Favorites in Game 2 With Indiana?


Cleveland trailed by as many as 23 points on their home court in the loss to Indiana in the opening game of the series, ultimately falling 98-80. Will the next battle on TNT at 7:05 EDT go the Cavs way?

LeBron James had won 21 first round games in a row and 12 straight Game 1’s to start his playoff journey with his teammates. Both those streaks are now over and it happened emphatically. It figures this would be the team that would end those improbable streaks, based on the turnover Cleveland went through and how they played all season.

Asked if he was worried being down to Indiana, James answered this way. “I’m down 0-1 in the first round,” he said. “I was down 3-1 in the Finals. So, I’m the last guy to ask about how you’re going to feel the next couple days.”

The NBA odds have Cleveland as an 8-point favorite over the Pacers. But does anyone feel even remotely comfortable backing a team that is 0-7 ATS revenging a straight up loss as a favorite of  -7 or more this season for NBA picks?

Cavaliers Have To Dig Out of Another Hole

That’s the way it’s been all year it seems for Cleveland, one step forward, one and a half stumble steps backward. There might be players like LeBron with championship pedigree, but this is not a team with the typical championship mix, lacking the formula of three tremendous players.



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