Determining and Betting The World Series Winner


The baseball postseason is about to commence. Here are the latest odds from as to who the favorites are to win the World Series.

Boston- +300

Houston – +333

Chicago – +700

Los Angeles – +700

Colorado – +800

Atlanta – +1000

Cleveland – +1000

Milwaukee – +1100

New York – +1100

Oakland – +1600

It is easy to choose the Red Sox and the Astros and that makes perfect sense. But is that right way to go about it? Are there other factors to consider to have a more informed opinion before placing a bet.

In professional sports, other than the NBA, the best team does not always win. Sometimes it’s the team that gets hot at the right time. Here is how each team finished September.

Boston – 15-11

Houston – 21-6

Chicago – 16-12

Los Angeles – 18-9

Colorado – 19-9

Atlanta – 16-11

Cleveland – 14-13

Milwaukee – 19-7

New York – 15-12

Oakland – 16-10

After a crummy period in early August, Houston has gotten 100 percent healthy and is playing like.

The Rockies run is similar to what they did in 2009 when they had a blazing September and made to the World Series before Boston ended their magical run.



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