December 23 Wagering Action


Officially we won the one play we put out there on the Top Trend, but the system was also a winner, just missing our qualifier to be deemed worthy. For Tuesday we have a system certainly worthy at 85.1 percent and it will take gumption to play considering what NBA team it is. As long as we keep finding perfect trends, we’ll keep riding them and have another in college basketball this evening. Once again we’ll look at how the LCC view the Poinsettia Bowl. Good Luck.

Free Basketball System-1) PLAY ON underdogs of 10 or more points, like Oklahoma City, after going under the total by 30 or more points total in their last three games against opponent like Atlanta, after they have played under the total by 54 or more points total in their last ten games. This system is 23-4 ATS, 85.1 percent.

Free Basketball Trend -2) Niagara is 9-0 ATS in road games after successfully covering the spread in two or more consecutive games over the last two seasons.

Free Football Selection -3) The Left Coast Connection has 12 bettors on Boise State and 10 on TCU in tonight’s bowl game. No surprisingly, a total of 10 bettors are riding the Broncos on the money line.


  1. long time listener, 1st time caller (lol).Need for you (Paul Buck) to be a little more precise
    on how many picks(per day) on a 30 day schedule, couple per day or more or just only 6-7
    for the entire 30 days excluding the week x-tra(bonus).Also the # of plays on the all pick
    package? I hope that they have some type of reasoning (analysis) behind the plays.I hope
    that they are not trend/system plays like on the site.Thnx……

  2. Mickey- This is Paul. I study the NBA everyday, but don’t have a play everyday. Normally it would be 1-3 plays per day, but I never force plays just to have them. Over a month window, 30-40 plays would be about average, but I’ve never thought about how many per month, because it is more based on numbers and situations. You are welcome to join and give me a try. Because I handicap every game in the NBA, college basketball and look at the NHL this time of year, long writeups aren’t my specialty. I cut to the chase and make a point or two unless I have more time. You make the call. I’ll just keep working on Winners.


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