The Curious Case of Betting the Celtics and Cavaliers


The Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers met in the Eastern Finals a year ago. Cleveland dispatched Boston with ease, winning in five games before falling to Golden State in The Finals. They were expected to meet again this season and the Celtics first picked up Gordon Heyward to close the gap.

Then came word that Kyrie Irving no longer wanted to fly in LeBron James universe and wanted his own stratosphere. Oddly, Irving ended up being traded to Boston, largely for Isaiah Thomas and Jae Crowder and the rivalry was officially raised to a new status.

As we sit here in the first part of February, quite a story has unfolded, especially if you are an NBA bettor. The Celtics are the best bet in professional basketball and the Cavs are the worst (Or the best play against team). How did this happen? And will it continue? Let’s probe the lane to search for the truth because like the X-Files, it is out there.



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