Cubs Take Down Cards On Sunday Night Baseball


One the best rivalries in baseball wrap up a three-game series near The Arch and close to the shores of the Mississippi River on Sunday night. Who has the edge in the series finale?

The Cubs and Cardinals have a real rivalry, but it’s built Midwestern sensibility, not the vulgarity you see from Yankees/Red Sox or Dodgers/Giants games, where the fans can get out of control. These fans root for their teams and take pleasure in beating the other, but not in hurtful way. (Unlike Swinging Johnson and I)

Though Chicago holds the historical edge in victories, St. Louis leads the season series and in battles fought at Busch Stadium in 2018. The intensity will be electric, but the team from the Land of Lincoln will prevail against the MLB odds and here is why.

Kyle Hendricks Has To Up His Game

Going into the season, the Cubs were considered to have the best starting five of any staff in baseball. However, other than Jon Lester, nobody on Joe Maddon’s staff is even close to having a “normal” year, let alone a better than expected one. All other Chicago starters have an ERA of at least a half run higher, including Sunday night’s expected starter Kyle Hendricks (6-9, 4.05 ERA). The Ivy Leaguer has a career ERA of 3.13, but his problem all season is spotting his pitches.



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