Confident Rockets Take Out Wobbly Warriors in Game 5


Game 4 was what we as NBA fans were waiting for, a close competitive contest. In many ways, it was improbable as a playoff victory as you would see, literally. Now we have a best two of three out West.

By now you have seen these win probability sites relating to how a game should play out. Twice in Game 4, Houston was left for dead. After trailing 12-0 to start the contest against Golden State, there was a 91 percent chance the Rockets would lose. After making a stirring comeback to back a 10-point halftime lead, Houston faced a torrent of Warriors points to trail 80-70 after three quarters. At that juncture, the Rockets had a five percent chance of winning.

Funny how life works (ask Swinging Johnson about this after having Golden State -8), just because something is all but certain to happen, it doesn’t always. Two elements gave Houston a chance to win. James Harden’s facial dunk in the second quarter on Draymond Green (think of it as Swinging Johnson trying to match wits with me) and the Rockets fourth quarter defense, in which they surrendered 12 points.

The NBA odds are out and Houston is a one-point favorite in Game 5, as they attempt to get within one victory of reaching The Finals. Here is how coach Mike D’Antoni’s team does it.

Is Golden State Having Cleveland Flashbacks?

Let’s face it, the Warriors don’t blow double-digit leads at Oracle in the fourth quarter. But in the last eight minutes, in particular, Golden State played in very similar fashion like they did almost two years ago against Cleveland, when they were up 3-1 in The Finals, only to lose.



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